A little cheating way to move your site into ember.js

Nov 28, 2013 15:44 · 114 words · 1 minute read mber.js view

In the ember.js , the view system has lifecycle hooks. So, if you don’t want or you don’t know how to implement all actions directly, there is a hook you can use and you can still use all old functions you use to bind events to the elements, didInsertElemnet hook. As the ember.js guide mentions, this hook is called immediately after the view has been inserted into DOM. So, you can use jQuery selector to find the element then bind the event on it. But if you have hierarchy views, you should implement this on the target view layer.

    App.ApplicationView = Ember.View.extend({
        didInsertElemnet: function() {
            // do something

ref: The View Layer